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towards an agricultural revolution for riparian populations

Campo ma’an National Park (PNCM) is one of the major protected areas in Cameroon. It covers an area of 264 000 ha and has rich biodiversity. Its rich and varied fauna consists of key species such as the elephant, gorilla, chimpanzee, dwarf crocodile, Goliath frog, mandrill and Panther. Campo ma’an National Park was launched in 2019 with a project entitled “Conquering Old Fallow Land.”

FTNS champions Indigenous Peoples’ protection and development

The Sangha Tri-National is a cross-border Forest Complex shared between Cameroon, Congo and the Central African Republic (CAR). This World Heritage site is very famous for its floristic and faunal potential, but also for the “forest people” (commonly called Baka, BaAka, Mbenzele, etc.), the indigenous people who live there. Since its inception, the Sangha Tri-National Foundation (FTNS) has championed several initiatives to ensure their well-being and development.

Bricks for the TNS & socio-economic Development of the Lobéké

“The project for the development of the capacities of local populations in the production of clay baked bricks in the Lobéké National Park in Mambélé” was officially launched on March 3, 2020. This initiative implemented by the Lobéké National Park (PNL) with the technical and financial support of FTNS will enable the local populations of the villages located around the park to be trained in the production of clay bricks.