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Stories – Mozambique

Biofund commits to train future Biodiversity Conservation leaders

In recent years, Mozambique has benefitted from investments by various donors with the aim of promoting the conservation of biodiversity. These supported the strengthening of the legal framework of natural resources, the creation and establishment of Conservation Areas and their management and ranger activities, seeking to combat the illegal exploitation of natural resources, and ensure the sustainable use of resources.

Biofund offers $3 Million For A Conservation Response To Covid-19

The Board of Directors of BIOFUND approved at its last meeting an emergency plan of up to three million dollars to help mitigate the economic impacts of COVID-19 in the conservation sector. This support is intended to help maintain the jobs of up to 950 of the 1,600 rangers in the National System of Conservation Areas, so as to guarantee the preservation of the country’s biodiversity during a phase in which the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are seriously affecting the conservation sector.

The Mozambique Biodiversity Exhibition

“Visiting the exhibition was a unique opportunity to complement my knowledge about the biodiversity of Manica and Mozambique, with particular emphasis on the endemic species of flora,” said Chilasse Salvador Fernandes, a young graduate in Ecotourism and Wildlife Management by the Superior Institute of Manica, during the last edition of BIOFUND’s biodiversity exhibition. Mozambique is home to a rich flora with 6500 plant species, of which over 300 plant species are on the IUCN red list and 22% are endemic, a terrestrial fauna with 726 bird species, 171 reptile species, 85 amphibians (of which 28 are endemic) and 3075 insect species.