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Joining CAFÉ

Article 4 of CAFÉ’s Charter provides the following relevant information about Membership in terms of eligibility, rights and obligations of Member Funds:


The term “member fund” is understood to mean an EF/CTF that confirms its interest in and commitment to the Charter of CAFÉ and can demonstrate that it meets the following criteria:

  1. The fund is legally established;
  2. The fund is based and operates as an environmental fund or conservation trust fund in one or more African countries to finance the protection and conservation of a country’s natural resources and environment; and
  3. The fund is committed to undertaking membership responsibilities and payment of membership dues. (The annual membership fee is $2,500.00)

In order to ensure continuity, institutional knowledge and executive participation, it is expected that the Chief Executive Officer or Executive Director of the fund represents the member fund and acts as the focal person for all matters related to CAFÉ, fully informing the organs of the fund of progress and activities of CAFÉ.

Rights of Member Funds

Member Funds have the right to:

  1. Access all services and benefits offered by CAFÉ;
  2. Attend all sessions of the annual Assembly;
  3. Elect and be elected to the Executive Committee;
  4. Establish or serve on sub-committees; and
  5. Vote on all decisions at the General Assembly.

Obligations of Member Funds

Member Funds are responsible for the following:

  1. Attending the annual Assembly and other meetings as appropriate
  2. Providing information that supports CAFÉ’s activities;
  3. Paying annual membership fees; and
  4. Participating actively in all activities of CAFÉ as appropriate.


Requests to become a CAFÉ member are made in writing by the Board of the interested Conservation Trust Fund, to the Executive Committee of CAFÉ, which vet and undertake prior consultation with existing CAFÉ members before recommending to the General Assembly for admission or otherwise. The letter may also go with a copy of certificate of legal registration of the fund. The admission of new members is endorsed during the following annual General Assembly after application has been made.