we champion sustainable Environmental financing

in Africa

The Consortium of African Funds for the Environment (CAFÉ) is a membership-based network of Environmental Funds (EFs) or Conservation Trust Funds (CTFs) in Africa that has been in operation since 2011. CAFÉ has a total of 19 Member Funds that, among others, support over 90 parks and reserves which cover over 160,000 km2 across 20 countries and manage over USD300 million in endowments and additional funding in donor financing in Africa.


  • To increase and strengthen the competencies and capacity of Environmental Funds (for the institutions, staff and boards)
  • To encourage intra-African cooperation and strengthen global ties among Environmental Funds in order to develop synergies and collective solutions
  • To represent the shared perspectives and interests of Environmental Funds in international forums
  • To perform an advocacy role in biodiversity conservation and environmental management and for solutions to natural resources sustainability issues facing Africa
  • To promote and support the creation of new Environmental Funds in Africa
  • To raise awareness among financial partners and other decision makers on the existence, challenges and opportunities of Environmental Funds
  • To achieve financial and management autonomy for CAFÉ through a committed membership
  • To catalyze support for the Environmental Funds to access additional resources from financial partners and expertise from centers of excellence

Our Mission

To build a learning community that shares best practices and pursues innovative finance mechanisms in order to foster conservation, environmental management and sustainable development in Africa

Our Vision

To be the globally respected alliance for championing sustainable environmental finance in Africa

Means of Action

To achieve its objectives, CAFÉ uses, but it’s not limited to, the following means


Structure & Organs of CAFÉ

CAFÉ Donors

CAFÉ treasures financial support from the following three donors

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