FTNS, BP. 35372, Bastos Factory Street, Yaoundé, Cameroon.


About CAFÉ

We champion sustainable environmental financing in Africa

The Consortium of African Funds for the Environment (CAFÉ) is a membership-based network of Environmental Funds (EFs) which are also known as Conservation Trust Funds (CTFs) in Africa that has been in operation since 2011. CAFÉ has a total of 19 Member Funds that, among others, support over 90 parks and reserves, and 125 communal conservancies and community forests, which cover over 270,000 km2 across 20 countries and manage over USD400 million in endowments and about USD100 million in sinking funds in Africa. Currently, CAFÉ’s Presidency is being hosted by the Sangha Tri-National Trust Fund (FTNS) in Cameroon.

Our means of action

To achieve its objectives, CAFÉ does the following:

Workshops and Training Sessions


Exchange Visits


Joint Projects


Outreach and Advocacy


Technical Assistance


our Mission

CAFÉ is committed to build a learning community that shares best practices and pursues innovative finance mechanisms in order to foster conservation, environmental management and sustainable development in Africa.

our vision

To be a globally respected alliance for championing sustainable environmental financing in Africa.

Structure and Organs of CAFÉ

1. general Assembly

The General Assembly is the highest decision making organ that defines and decides by resolution on the strategic direction of CAFÉ.

2. The President of CAFÉ

The President of CAFÉ is elected by the General Assembly from amongst the members of the Executive Committee.

3. The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the body responsible for implementing General Assembly resolutions and developing annual work plans and budgets.

4. Subcommittees

Members create subcommittees and working groups around areas of common interest, comprised of CAFÉ members and/or resource persons outside of CAFÉ.

5. Executive Secretariat

The Executive Secretariat is an independent body of CAFÉ that acts in the collective interest of CAFÉ members and it is hosted by the Fund holding the Presidency of CAFÉ.

CAFÉ Donors

CAFÉ treasures the financial support from the following three donors